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The Janna Pea Company is a creative agency passionate about presenting
works of art that provide dynamic inspiration, create positive change
and amplify the voices of those without a mic.

the overwhelming urge to act immediately
any variety of differences that create better systems, policies, or people


We’ve worked with authors
on everything from storyboards
and layouts to illustrations

In between all of my illustrating, content creation, social media management and art directing, I’ve scraped together all the spare time and left over brain cells I have left and used it to create this Fool For You comic strip.

Her name is Shavavian Allister and in her free time she crochets hats and commands photo shoots like this one, where I got to shoot and edit several of her creations.

These are a series of eight illustrations I did in my original Egghead Realism style of self made women.

Rihanna is so visually interesting, I was actually excited when Taren asked me to draw her. But her elaborate carnival costume nearly killed me…never again. NEVER again!

I met my client at a local coffee shop and ended up having to sit outside because I couldn’t stop, OH-MY-GAWD-HOW-ADORABLE-ing her every word on this project.

A freestyle project that I decided to post so that just in case you forget, read my lips: You are…

“This is just the
beginning. The real
work starts now.



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